Camper is more than a shoe Company. Camper is the result of a dream. The dream of a Majorcan family who have been manufacturing shoes since 1877. A Mediterranean dream which establishes a way of being, of living and of feeling. A dream that combines traditional roots with an industrial vocation. A dream which has lead Camper throughout the world. Camper shoes have a spirit and personality of their own and present a diverse range of footwear that combines design with imagination and functionality. Shoes that are unique and original, and constantly surprise. From the iconic Pelotas range, the true original in retro sneakers to the asymmetrical Twins, Camper is filled with excitement. Urbanites around the world appreciate the creativity and design in Camper shoes as well as the quality and comfort. The slogan “Walk. Don’t Run” expresses the Camper philosophy in slow living and the appreciation and attention to detail. Values that can be found in original designs created with the passion and flavor of the Mediterranean.

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